Here at Mobius Travel Agency we offer the best options at the best prices you can find in Fethiye. On Fethiye streets there are many times when you see ridicilously low prices on the boards outside some travel agencies, but when you walk in (or during the tour you booked for that ridicilously low price) you are asked, or more pricisely “begged for” extra payments by the agents claiming that they are working on commission or they need money because they have a family to support, which results in you booking the same activity, tour or trip for a higher price than we actually offer because you are too nice or shy to say “no” to these hidden fees.

We are from around, and at Mobius Travel we offer more options than other travel agencies can. We provide you with the biggest variety of choices including exclusive daily tours, boat trips, exciting and relaxing daily activities such as Jeep safari, paragliding, scuba diving, professional fishing, horse riding, aquapark, Turkish Bath and many more added every other week! Our scouts are always busy finding out more about the accomodations, surroundings and activities on offer nearby.

We take our job seriously. Before each tour we inform our each guest thoroughly; we believe misinformation and bad surprises are totally unacceptable in this business. For those who do not have the time to have a face-to-face conversation with an agent we also provide highly-informative video displays outside our office with actual footage from our tours, a live-chat option on our website as well as detailed information about each tour, trip and activity we offer at Mobius Travel.

During our tours we never compromise professionality. Here at Mobius Travel we employ ONLY the best and most knowledgable tourist guides who are all officially licenced and have years of experience which makes them experts in their field. We monitor our guides regularly through end-of-the-tour surveys filled out by our guests to maintain the best guiding service possible.

We listen to you. At the end of each tour or trip we ask our customers to fill out a short survey form and let us know their opinions about the tour. We listen to what our guests have to say and do our best to improve our services for the benefit of our valued customers.