Mobius Travel asks for personal information such as name, email adress, residential/physical adress in order to be used for the best customer service. Name is essential for bookings, email adress is needed for payment/booking confirmation and physical adress is needed as a meeting point. This website is designed to make it as easy for you as possible to book online in a secure way. The customer’s personal information is not sold to or shared with third parties under any name and in any condition. Mobius Travel can only use these information in case the customer wishes to receive emails about upcoming events, extra discounts, special offers and information updates.

Mobius Travel does not use or keep your payment information or any sensitive information for your security. The payment is done through Yapıkredi Bank.. The website automaticly transfers you to the bank’s website to secure your credit card information or any sensitive information so that you can do your payment in the most secure way.

Any changes in privacy policy will be posted on this web site, so please check back periodically for updates.

Mobius Travel provides a Live Support service for you to be able to receive fast reply to your further questions about your privacy or sensitive information in addition to your questions about availability, prices and requests.

You will be receiving emails only if you wish to receive emails including updates on prices, privacy policy or any change on the website design and new offers on certain dates. You can easily stop receiving emails from us whenever you wish to.

If you have additional questions about our privacy policy, please contact us using the Live Support on our website or email us at