Things to do in Fethiye:

In this article, I will tell you which the things to do in Fethiye. First of all I will discuss introduction of Fethiye,  then some popular places of Fethiye, daily boat trips, Fethiye tour packages, oludeniz tandem paragliding, jeep safari, saklikent.

Introduction of Fethiye:

Fethiye is a beautiful city of Turkey, it is a port city, and district, on Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast. It is a very very beautiful city, you will feel to close like nature. It is known as blue water and numerous rock tombs. If you ever want to plan for a trip, I personally suggest you must visit Fethiye city and after this you will definitely make plan to visit this city again and again because you will not boring in this trip.

Fethiye Tour:

I advise you to make a plan for a trip to Fethiye city, there is lots of things to do in Fethiye city. I sure you will enjoy and make planes to visit this city with your family or friends again and again. I offer a perfect package just for you and your happiness because I believe to serve best and take care of your feelings.

You just make a plan to visit Fethiye city, after this we will take care all about your plans.

Fethiye Tour Packages:

As above discussion of trip plan, we make a perfect package for you. You will not even imagine such a lovely tour. We arrange such a lovely tour for your feelings that I am sure you will surprised and making lots of fun with your friends or family members.

1.      8 Days / 7 Nights Fethiye Tour Package:

This is the complete eight days and seven night tour package. In this package you will enjoy complete eight  days, lots of enjoy and lots of happiness. In eight days, we will go different famous places like Calis Beach, Tloss Tour, Butterfly Valley Boat Trip, Kayakoy – Oludeniz, IZTUZU – MUD BATH TOUR, 12 islands Boat trips etc. So much places to visit in this package. This package price is 330 Euro.

2.      7 Days / 6 Nights Fethiye Vacation Tour Package:

This is the complete seven days and six night tour package. In this package you will go to 12 Islands, Jeep Safari, Oludeniz Boat Trip (Butterfly Valley), Horseback Riding – Kayakoy – Oludeniz. This is the complete one week package, you and your family members making lots of fun in these days. This package price is 290 Euro.

3.      5 Days / 4 Nights All Inclusive Fethiye Tours:

This is the complete five days and four night tour packages. In this package you will enjoy complete five days. In this package you will go to Camel Trekking, 12 Islands Boat Trip, Kayakoy Ghost Town, Fethiye Belcekiz Beach. This package price is 290 Euro.

4.      5 Days / 4 Nights Fethiye Holiday Package:

This is the complete five days and four night tour packages. In this package you will go famous places like Fethiye Dalaman, 12 Islands Cruise, Jeep Safari-Saklikent, and Turkish bath. This package price is 220 Euro.

Daily Boat Trips:

This is the very amazing thing to do in Fethiye trip. I personally suggest you to take boat trips, in these packages we specially include boat trips to make you happy and joy. We will go to 12 Island Boat trip and make lots of fun, in this not include 12 Island Boat, you can book private boat trip or you can also go with the Calis Boat. Their charges varies different to different as per package includes. You can doing fishing and enjoys the hunting. Many people likes hunting for the fishes and also likes to eat fishes. In this trip your lunch will be included and enjoys your public boat, private boat or which package you will select.

If you choose public boat trip, we personally suggest the Sunday day. People may choose these boats for the whole day or may choose for the half day and also for the sunset trips.

Oludeniz Tandem Paragliding:

As seen in the above images, this is most adventurous part of the trip, most of the people shows interest in this trip for paragliding. Can you imagine, you will jump from 6500 feet (1960 m). Yes this is the most adventurous part, most of the people just dream about this but you can do this in reality. Many people fear about these types of adventure but instructions must be attach with you and instructing the people all the time, you don’t worry about this, our experience instructors teaching you all the time. In your trip packages, we include the paragliding trips to entertain the people. These moments never come again, you must take part in these activities to make your moments happy.

Jeep Safari:

Who miss this part of his/her trip? I think answer is same and no is the answer. I think everyone enjoys this trip, everyone loves jeep driving while in road or in water. Even most of the people hobby is traveling or long driving. Even family members or friends travels in group to enjoy the traveling and when you drive jeep with lot of your friends or family members, you will enjoy this. When you jeep go in the water area, shouting or sounds of people more entertain you. We will especially include the jeep safari in all your Fethiye trips.


Saklikent is also most entertaining part of this trip, we step by step special things include in your trip to entertain you and make your moments for your whole life. We bet you that you will entertain by this trip and make your life moments by this. This is valley part of your trip, in which you will enjoy in water or take bath from waterfalls.

At last, book your tickets and come to Fethiye Turkey. You can see this is the most beautiful city in the Turkey as well in the whole world and your trip makes funny and entertained with lots of joy and happiness.

Whenever you come to Fethiye, contact us we will arranged your trip and make you happy.

Thanks to all of you.