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Ferry to Rhodes from Ölüdeniz / Fethiye

Rhodes Boat Trip from Fethiye

Need a Rhodes Boat Trip from Fethiye? Trip to Rhodes from Fethiye is a chance to move from one culture to another and a country within a day visit to Rhodes by Catamaran or Hydrofoil. Spend time visiting fascinating Rhodes Castle, Museums and The Old City. See the many colourful shops and bazaars, shop for local handycrafts and enjoy local food. You have the opportunity to travel even if you like one way or open ticket from Fethiye to Rhodes or Rhodes to Fethiye as well…

The journey takes about 2 hours by Catamaran or Hydrofoil but duration may vary depending on the sea & weather conditions.

Departure time from Fethiye Harbour: 09:00 (Passengers should be ready at the harbour at 08:00)
Arrival time at Rhodes Harbour: 11:00

Departure time from Rhodes Harbour: 16:30 (Passengers should be ready at harbour at 16:00)
Arrival time at Fethiye Harbour: 18:00

Required Information for Booking:

Full name

Date of birth

Passport number


Telephone number

Mail adress

More About Ferry to Rhodes from Ölüdeniz / Fethiye

Days: Everyay.

Pick-up Time: Likya World – 06:45 , Ölüdeniz – 07:00 , Hisarönü – 07:20, Fethiye – 07:30, Çalış – 07:30.

Includes: Guide, Transfer.

Extras: Lunch and Drinks.