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Horse Riding in Ölüdeniz / Fethiye

Horse Riding in Ölüdeniz / Fethiye

No matter if you are an experienced horse rider or simply a beginner with no knowledge about horse riding you will be assisted to go through the tours available for horse riding for Fethiye people. The horse safari tours available in Fethiye are not just loved by locals in Fethiye but even the tourists are fond of these tours while they are on their visit to Fethiye. So, this will also let you choose one of the tours available without thinking much about it.

The horse riding tours available in Fethiye/Oludeniz are quite different from the various horse riding tours available in other parts of the world. The reason is that here you get excellent surroundings that engage you in these tours differently. For instance you will find a ghost town plus a pine forest that passes through mountain paths to offer a unique horse riding experience to the horse riders.

As stated earlier, people who are beginners and never had experience riding a horse can also participate in such tours. What makes it simpler for beginners is the efficient horse riding tours that meets the needs of new horse riders. There will be an instructor to guide you and he will help you get acquainted with the horse riding aspects right from the basics. You will find your instructor always with you while you are learning horse riding. Thus, you will not find any problem learning horse riding and you will not find it difficult at all.

You will also find the horses available in Fethiye horse riding tours to be friendly too. It makes you love them and interact with the horses to get a different experience. The horses too are well trained and you can be rest assured that you will not encounter any frustration. Also, the horses are friendly enough to provide children as well adults an easy environment who love to participate in horse riding tours.

When you are involved in horse riding tours offered in Fethiye / Oludeniz you will completely enjoy your time as you will be interacting with the nature on your entire trip. You will discover horses to be lovable animals to spend quality time with. So, all these factors make your participation in horse riding tours memorable right from your learning experience to interacting with horses. It is a kind of different experience that you may not get in other tours.

PS: The guests staying at Majesty Tuana Clup Hotel, Hillside Beach Clup, Letonia Clup Hotel and Hotels in Fethiye 30.00 TL pay extra for the pick up & drop back as well.. The price is valid for per person !!


Riding through the countryside on horseback is beautiful

Enjoy Dalyan’s varied geography on horseback

Well-trained horses are suitable for all riding abilities

Hard hats and lessons are provided.

Previous riding experience is not necessary.

More About Horse Riding in Ölüdeniz / Fethiye

Days: Everyday.

Pick-up Time: 2 times a day (morning or afternoon tour).

Includes: Guide, transfer, all equipments.

Extras: Drinks.